Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs are what we offer at our affordable rehab recovery facility when you or a loved one needs treatment. Our drug and alcohol rehab center offers a combination of individual and group programs to help those individuals who are addicted to alcohol and drugs quit their addictions. We offer:
Alcohol Addiction Recovery
Drug Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery from substance abuse
Addictions and substance abuse can be treated by our trained and caring professional staff and will help you overcome it in a healthy, safe, caring and understanding environment that is geared towards adult men and women.

Substance abuse habits and addictions can be overcome. We will not only help you overcome the drug or alcohol habit and addiction you’re facing while at our rehab center, but we will also give you the tools to help your stay clean and sober once you leave our drug and alcohol rehab center.

We are here to help people with all kinds of addictions:

Affordable Drug RehabAlcohol rehab to help get individuals sober and stay sober
Cocaine rehab for those individuals that abuse cocaine and have a cocaine addiction
Heroine rehab for people on the drug heroine who want to come clean and stay clean
Prescription drug rehab for those individuals addicted to prescription drugs and medications (OxyContin, Hydrocodone, Ritalin, Benzodiazepines (Valium), Percocet, Percadin, etc.)
And more
Our drug rehab center and alcohol rehab center provides a comfortable and safe home environment that is private and confidential. We take every step to ensure that our clients don’t continue their substance abuse habits.

We offer affordable recovery programs. Treatment at Affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center is covered by most insurance programs.

Call us seven days a week, 24 hours a day at 1-866-925-4028. We can help.